6th International Conference on Thalassemia

Hosted By: Thalassemics India
Giving Hope A New Meaning!


24th - 25th September 2016
Starting at 9am


New Delhi, India
Hotel Eros

Message from the Organising Committee

We are pleased to announce the 6th International Conference on Thalassemia.

We feel honoured inviting you to experience this conference and our hospitality.

We are confident that this conference will prove to be an enriching educational experience for all the participants including patients, parents and doctors. We aim to provide a high quality scientific content to the participants through this conference, which is a step forward to not only spread information, but also to address the needs of patients/parents for establishing better health care system for Thalassemia patients in our country.

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Message from the Scientific Committee

On behalf of the Scientific Committee, it our pleasure and privilege to invite you to the 6th International Conference on Thalassemia. The last few years have seen many major strides in the optimal management of children and adults with thalassemia.

The focus has shifted to imporoving the quality of life in addition to prolonging the life span through optimal transfusion and chelation. Examples of many successful patients in our midst have shown us what thalassemia care can be and should be.

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Panos Englezos
Thalassemia International Federation, Cyprus

Dr. D S Rana
Chairman, Board of Management
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi

Dr. Anupam Sibal
Group Medical Director
Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi

Advisory Committee

Dr. M B Agarwal
Dr. V P Choudhary
Dr. Anupam Sachdev
Dr. I C Verma

TIF Coordinator

Dr. Androulla Eleftheriou
Executive Director
Thalassemia International Federation, Cyprus


Dr. Rajeev Bansal (Jaipur)
Dr. Jagdish Chandra (Delhi)
Dr. A P Dubey (Delhi)
Dr. Sunil Gomber (Delhi)
Dr. Alok Hemal (Delhi)
Dr. R K Jena (Cuttack)
Dr. Suman Jain (Hyderabad)
Dr. Nirmal Kumar (Delhi)
Dr. Alka Mathur (Delhi)
Dr. Kirti Nanal (Delhi)
Dr. Shubha Phadke (Lucknow)
Dr. Revathi Raj (Chennai)
Dr. Praveen Sobti (Ludhiana)
Dr. Tulika Seth (Delhi)
Dr. Amita Trehan (Chandigarh)

The Speakers

Dr. Mammen



Dr. Heba

MB.B.Ch, MSc, MD


Dr. J.M.


United Kingdom

Dr. V.P.



Dr. John.B.


United Kingdom

Dr. Mohan B.



Dr. Philippe

MD, Ph.D

United States | France

Dr. Antonio



Dr. Emmanuel


United Kingdom

Dr. Abdel-

United Kingdom

Dr. Poonam



Conference Schedule

08:00AM - 09:15AM


09:15AM - 09:30AM

Chairpersons: Dr. S K Arora, Dr. Michael Angastiniotis

Thalassemia as a Global Health Problem with focus on India

Dr. Androulla Eleftheriou

09:30AM - 10:00AM

Chairpersons: Dr. Kabita Chatterjee, Dr. Vanshree Singh, Ms. Vinita Srivastava

Blood Adequacy & Safety

Dr. Poonam Shrivastava

10:00AM - 10:30AM

Chairpersons: Dr. Praveen Sobti, Dr. S. Sudha, Dr. R.N. Makroo, Dr. Vivek Ranjan

Blood Transfusion Therapy in Thalassemia

Dr. Mamta Manglani

10:30AM - 11:00AM

Chairpersons: Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma, Dr. Anil Khatri, Dr. Dinesh Kaul

Management of Hepatitis B & C - Hope for Cure

Dr. Anupam Sibal

11:00AM - 11:45AM


11:45AM - 12:00PM

Tea/Coffee Break

12:00PM - 12:30PM

Chairpersons: Dr. K. Rajeswara Rao, Shri Alok Kumar

Initiatives taken by the State Governments on the Prevention and Control of Hemoglobinopathies

Presentation from West Bengal - Dr. Maitrayee Bhattacharya

Presentation from Gujarat - Shri Prakash Parmar

Presentation from U.P. - Dr. Vineeta Gupta

12:30PM - 01:00PM

Chairpersons: Dr. Rajiv Kumar Bansal, Dr. Kirti Nanal, Dr. Prantar Chakrabarti, Dr. Vinky Rughwani

Optimal Chelation in the Current Era: Shifting Paradigm

Dr. John Porter

01:00PM - 01:20PM

Chairpersons: Dr. Sunil Gomber, Dr. Prantar Chakrabarti

Combination Chelation Therapy

Dr. Antonio Piga

01:20PM - 02:00PM

Panelists: Dr. John Porter, Dr. Antonio Piga, Dr. Praveen Sobti, Dr. Mamta Manglani, Dr. Tullika Seth, Ms. Vinata Srivastava

Panel Discussion on Blood Transfusion & Chelation

Moderator: Dr. Deepak Bansal

02:00PM - 02:45PM


02:45PM - 03:15PM

Chairpersons: Dr. Anju Seth, Dr. Bhanu Bhakhri

Endocrine Issues in Thalassemia: Growth, Development & Bone Health

Dr. Heba Elsedfy

03:15PM - 04:00PM

Panelists: Dr. Heba Elsedfy, Dr. Archana Arya, Dr. Anju Seth, Dr. I.P.S Kochar, Dr. Rajni Sharma

Panel Discussion on Endocrine Issues

Moderator: Dr. Deepak Bansal

04:00PM - 04:30PM

Tea/Coffee Break

04:30PM - 05:15PM

Chairpersons: Dr. Vikas Kohli, Dr. Neeraj Aggarwal

Prevention & Management of Cardiac Complications: The Heart of the Matter

Dr. J.M. Walker

05:15PM - 05:45PM

Chairpersons: Dr. Androulla Eleftheriou, Dr. V.P. Choudhry, Dr. Anupam Prakash, Dr. Anil Samaria

Management of the Adult Thalassemic

Dr. John Porter

05:45PM - 05:55PM

Patients' Rights

Nishtha Madan

05:55PM - 06:05PM

Challenges in Finding Employment

Somdutta Sarkar

06:05PM - 06:15PM

Finding a Life Partner

Rahul Balasaria

09:30AM - 09:50AM

Chairpersons: Dr. J.M. Walker, Dr. Praveen Sobti, Dr. Ruchi Rastogi

The role of MRI in Optimal Management of Thalassemia

Dr. Harsh Mahajan

09:50AM - 10:00AM

Chairpersons: Dr. J.M. Walker, Dr. Jagdish Chandra, Dr. Ruchi Rastogi

A New MRI Sequence to Assess Iron Overload in Thalassemia

Dr. Amna Abdel Gadir

10:00AM - 10:30AM

Chairpersons: Dr. A.P. Dubey, Dr. Kapil Garg

Optimal Monitoring in Thalassemia

Dr. Antonio Piga

10:30AM - 11:00AM

Chairpersons: Dr. Alok Srivastava, Dr. Dharma Choudhary

Stem Cell Transplant in Thalassemia: Options & Dilemmas

Dr. Mammen Chandy

11:00AM - 11:30AM

Panelists: Dr. Mammen Chandy, Dr. Alok Srivastava, Dr. Dharma Choudhary, Dr. Dinesh Bhurani, Dr. Shishir Seth

Panel Discussion on BMT

Moderator: Dr. V.K. Khanna

11:30AM - 11:50AM

Tea/Coffee Break

11:50AM - 12:20PM

Chairpersons: Dr. K.K. Koul, Dr. Amita Trehan, Dr. Alok Hemal

Management of Non-Transfusion Dependent Thalassemia

Dr. V.P. Choudhary

12:20PM - 12:50PM

Chairpersons: Dr. Michael Angastiniotis, Dr. Rashid Merchant

My Journey into the World of Thalassemia

Dr. M.B. Agarwal

12:50PM - 01:20PM

Chairpersons: Dr. M.B. Agarwal, Dr. Alok Srivastava, Dr. Alka Mathur

Gene Therapy for Thalassemia: Are we there yet!

Dr. Philippe Leboulch

01:20PM - 01:35PM

Chairpersons: Dr. Philippe Leboulch, Dr. M.B. Agarwal

Gene Therapy: Progress in India

Dr. Alok Srivastava

01:35PM - 02:15PM


02:15PM - 02:35PM

Chairpersons: Dr. V.K. Khanna, Dr. Manas Kalra

Thalidomide in Thalassemia: Hope or Hype?

Dr. Amita Trehan

02:35PM - 03:05PM

Chairpersons: Dr. Basab Gupta, Dr. Chanchal Singh

Fertility & Pregnancy in Thalassemia

Dr. Sanjivni Khanna

03:05PM - 03:20PM

Chairpersons: Dr. Gautam Bose, Dr. J.S. Arora

Pulmonary Hypertension in Thalassemia: New Methods and Insights

Dr. Emmanuel Ako

03:20PM - 03:50PM

Chairpersons: Dr. Androulla Elefheriou, Dr. Manas Kalra

New Drugs on the Horizon

Dr. John Porter

03:50PM - 04:20PM

Tea/Coffee Break

04:20PM - 04:35PM

Chairpersons: Dr. Nita Radhakrishnan, Dr. Shruti Kakkar

Pre Gestational Diagnosis in Thalassemia

Dr. Abha Majumdar

04:35PM - 05:05PM

Chairpersons: Dr. Michael Angastiniotis, Dr. Androulla Eleftheriou

Share Your Personal Experiences!

Moderator: Gagandeep Singh

05:05PM - 05:15PM

Vote of Thanks

Shobha Tuli

05:15PM - 05:40PM

Concluding Remarks

Dr. Amita Mahajan

Registration Details

Please refer to the following table for the Registration Details, and click on the link below to download the Registration Form.

Registration Fee (Per Person) Before 31st May, 2016 After 31st May, 2016 Spot Registration
Thalassemics Rs. 500.00 Rs. 750.00 Rs. 1000.00
Thalassemics India Members (Parents) Rs. 750.00 Rs. 1000.00 Rs. 1500.00
Non-Members (Parents) Rs. 1000.00 Rs. 1250.00 Rs. 1500.00
Nurses/Medical Students/Accompanying Persons Rs. 1000.00 Rs. 1250.00 Rs. 1500.00
Doctors Rs. 1000.00 Rs. 1500.00 Rs. 2000.00
Foreign Delegates $100.00 $150.00 $200.00
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Location and Venue

Organising Committee
Chairman : Deepak Chopra
Secretary : Shobha Tuli
Treasurer : Arun Sehgal
Secretariat Assistance : Gagandeep Singh
Members : Rekha Arora
Dr. Gautam Bose
Deepak Dhingra
Rita Jain
Ashwini Malik

Patient's Advisory Committee

Shivangi Amrit

Nehal Dhingra

Nita Kalra

Nishtha Madan


Spend two inspiring days in the cultural and cosmopolitan city of New Delhi. The conference venue is located in the heart of the National Capital of India, with easy access to all your needs.


Eros Hotel

Nehru Place, American Plaza

New Delhi, Delhi 110019

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Conference Information

The official language of the Conference is English

The registration fee includes access to the opening ceremony, conference kit, scientific sessions, tea/coffee breaks, lunch and a certificate of attendance.

Registration fee is non-refundable.

Letter of Invitation can be arranged by the Conference Secretariat for Visa Purpose.

For accomodation help during the conference, please contact us.

Children below the age of 12 years will not be allowed.

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